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Carpet Cleaning Advice: Cleaning Dried Paint Stains on Your Carpet

Carpet stains can be quite a pain for any carpet owner. You have to deal with all sorts of cleaning problems which can make your carpet ugly and unattractive. One of these problems is cleaning up dried paint stains on your carpet. This may be caused by spilled paint when you repainted your living room or can also be caused by your children messing around while finger painting for an art project for school.
Dried paint stains can be difficult to remove. It would have been better to clean up paint spills while they are still fresh but oftentimes you realize there are dried paint stains on the carpet when it’s already too late. This problem may be hard to clean up but it certainly is not impossible to do. Here are the steps that you need to follow to remove that dried paint on your beautiful carpet.
·First, you’ll need to gather the equipment and materials which you will need to remove the dried paint stains on your carpet. While there are many cleaning solutions which can eliminate dried paint stains, WD-40 is among the most effective and commonly used for this purpose. Before you use it on your carpet though it is always best to try it out on a small, inconspicuous portion first to see if there is any discoloration or damage. Not all carpet types are compatible with WD-40 and you don’t want to only find out about this when it’s already too late.
·Scrape as much of the dried paint on your carpet using a razor blade. This procedure may require for you to use utmost safety measures as you don’t want to accidentally cut the carpet fibers or your fingers. Just slowly chip off as much of the dried paint as you can and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all of the loose particles.
·Next,, apply the WD-40 on the dried paint stain and let it soak the latter for several minutes. Usually letting it soak for 15-20 minutes will do the trick. The WD-40 will help soften the stain and thus make it a lot easier to remove.
·Get a used toothbrush and scrub the stain softly. As you continue to scrub, you will observe that the paint will slowly come off of the carpet and soon enough your carpet will be completely stain-free.
·Before finishing up, rinse the area first with clean water. Rinsing the carpet helps remove any excess WD-40 residue and avoids it from building up over time. Dry the area with clean rags to finish the job.

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